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About Corner-stone training solutions

Associate Training Partners at Cornerstone training solutions have many years of experience specializing in key business development areas in various industry segments.


The team of partners at Cornerstone training solutions, have an uncompromised commitment to produce high quality designed and delivered programs that is sustainable and measurable and exceeds clients’ expectations with optimum benefits and impact.

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Traditional training methods focused on developing skills,
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Dear Kamal,   Just wanted to drop a quick thank you note for all the efforts you have done with us. The training was perfect and we learnt a lot of new information that will be of great benefit in our work.  Again thanks a lot for this fruitful time. We really appreciate your hard work with us.  Regards, Hany Shenouda Direct sales NBK 
Hany Shenouda Direct sales
Thank you Kamal , it was a very good session despite the fact unfortunately I was not able to attend the whole training due to very busy schedule with the month sales closing but your energy , professionalism and positive energy made of this training a day to remember . Hope to see you soon , Regards  Albert Khreiche Nissan-KSA – Sales Director     
Albert Khreiche Sales Director
Dear Kamal Thanks a lot for the excellent kick off on Nissan Customer Way workshop the feedback was positive and I have enjoy the short part , our NKSA team will consider this NCW not a 1 day workshop but a change in culture and ongoing in the daily life… We look forward to see you again and spend more time with you as well as we will deploy phase 2 with our dealer partners to move KSA network from good to Great.. Have a 
Bader El Houssami Chief Operating Officer
Hi Kamal,    Hope you had a safe journey back. I’d like to share with you the feedback report which was rated very highly. The highest ever received. Well done and this is very promising. Thank you for your hard work and for delivering such excellent standards.   Thanks  
Jean Maria Silveira Human Resources Manager - Bahrain Duty Free
Good morning Kamal, I would like to applaud you for the life-changing and thought-provoking training sessions. I initially had second doubts on attending as I was busy with current tasks. Thankful enough that I had pursued this because I gained a lot of take-away. More power to you in the pursuit of passion! Thank you for your time and have a great day ahead. 
Mia Flor Balansag Senior Assistant Manager, Statutory Reporting Group Finance
Hi Kamal, Thanks for your email and I must say that it was very good training and it’s really increased our fixes Best wishes  
Muhammad Zeeshan Sheikh, FCCA, UAECA Finance Specialist, Group Finance Technology & Industry
My Dear Havovie As usual you and your team at MEDFA have out done your selves ,seen to our every need and comfort is not something that should be looked into lightly yet you made it feel so simple and created an experience that should change many of or futures ,this was something I experienced 3 years back , and to date you still seem to amaze me with your super hospitality and quality programs, Kamal and his company “Cornerstone” 
Garin Diasz Trainer
Good Afternoon, I would like to thank you so much for the outstanding training , it was very informative and I hope to implement what I have learned in the near future. Sincerely Wataniya Telecommunication Kuwait 
Luma Barakat
Hi Everyone, It’s good to see that we have all gone back to our normal day to day lives and already applying our improved skills. Chara and I just finished a meeting and wanted to share with you the success. At the time of scheduling this meeting a couple of weeks ago, we thought that this would be a tough one to tackle. (This was the supplier that we characterised as “yellow on a bad day – every day” during 
Elena Ourri Watches Jewelry, Fashion Buyer
Dear Team, I second Antonio’s comment and am sure we all benefitted out of the training. I was mailing David yesterday to find out who WON the Role Play….. since we had to leave early. I am sure our team won (no offence meant to our opponents even though it was meant to be win-win) Special thanks to Havovie and Shirley for organizing and Kamal for the wonderful session. It will be great to stay in touch. 
Roy John

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