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Our Mini-MBA certificate program for you

Employees want decisive leadership from their department managers. Organizations too, need their department managers to be clear about their objectives, and how their teams can achieve them. As a business unit manager, it is important that you understand that leadership is about giving direction, but it is also crucial that you realize, that it also involves trusting and empowering your staff.You undoubtedly have been very good so far at your current  job, but you will need to resist continuously the temptation to continue doing things in the same old way. Some innovation is expected of you for sure. For some time to come, it may be true that you could do things quicker or better yourself sometimes, but an important part of your role as a leader, is delegating tasks to others. You will not have time to do everything yourself, and your staff members will need to know that you trust them enough, and that you are sufficiently interested in their development. Give them the opportunity to learn new skills. They will want you also to understand their personalities, and resolve their conflicts with patience and extreme diplomacy.
Effective communication is at the heart of most successful businesses, and being a manager means that you need to be at the center of everything. There will be  individuals from whom you need information, and those who need information from you too; some will be inside the organization, and others will be outside of it. Being emotionally intelligent, is considered key to dealing with others and managing relationships.
The way in which you communicate with each group may be different, but the clarity of the message and the appropriateness of the methods, will always be important.


Amongst other learning and solutions from this program, your managers will be able to:

  • Discover themselves and understand others as  managers and leaders
  • Create a trust culture
  • Commit to clear communication ,  of your company mission and vision
  • Develop plans & tasks, to achieve objectives
  • Resolve conflict,  for maximized performance
  • Work through team development, & support their teams, in being cohesive & committed
  • Enjoy heightened emotional Intelligence, for greater achievements
  • Practice masterfully numerous  executive leadership styles & skills
  • Coach an extraordinary team ,from good to great
  • Understand their team members’ hopes, fears, strengths and weaknesses
  • Practice delegation and empower  their staff,  for Improved  departmental performance
  • Live and inspire the shared mental model concept , amongst team members