Our Mini-MBA certificate program for you

The Main Acquired Competencies (Knowledge, Skill and Behavior) in the Above Leadership Model are

  • Knowledge of understanding self & skill of discovering others
  • Knowledge, skills & behaviors of communicating effectively, building rapport, being assertive & being flexible with different circumstances and people.
  • Knowledge,  skills & behaviors of managing conflict & avoiding it, as well as dealing with it, while utilizing different styles.
  • Knowledge,  skill & behavior of conducting thorough performance appraisals
  • Knowledge & skill of setting targets and objectives
  • Knowledge,  skill & behavior of being emotionally competent
  • Knowledge,  skills & behaviors of conducting effective interviews and avoiding common mistakes
  • Knowledge,  skills & behaviors of coaching others, through conducting accompaniments, giving feedback,  writing evidence, conducting review meetings, as well as varying coaching style as per candidate need & degree of task experience .
  • Knowledge,  skill & behavior of delegating and empowering effectively and smartly
  • Knowledge,  skills & behaviors  of motivating others through values elicitation and influencing  neurology
  • Knowledge,  skills & behaviors of building effective  teams at work, managing the distribution of roles within the team, effectively  leading teams through different dimensions &  assessing team stages, while giving recommendations for fixing shortcomings
  • Knowledge,  skills & behaviors of practicing a proper leadership approach to situations.
  • Knowledge,  skill & behavior of conducting effective meetings at work
  • Knowledge,  skills & behaviors of rewarding and recognizing good work
  • Knowledge,  skills & behaviors  of managing stress and time in any situation
  • Knowledge &  skill of managing change effectively, and communicating it  to others elegantly
  • Knowledge &  skill of solving problems  effortlessly &  transiting to risk free solutions.