Our Mini-MBA certificate program for you

Our Mini-MBA certificate for you

Day 1
Discovering Yourself & Understanding Others - The four temperaments of people around leaders
Communication & Behavioral Skills - Effectiveness, rapport, behaviors styles & flexibility of leaders 
Conflict Resolution - Four techniques to  avoid &  five styles to deal with conflict, for proactive leaders
Day 2

Performance Management & Appraisals - Steps and pre-requisites for pro-activeness in leading
Target Setting - Setting objectives & the five point criteria, for successful objectives accomplishment 
Emotional Intelligence - Why do leaders need it & what are the competencies & measures?Interviewing Skills - Steps and guidelines for effective techniques for leaders to follow, with role plays

Day 3

Coaching Skills - The W.A.F.L techniques , with applications for leading staff developmentDelegation and Empowerment - Recommendations and tips on levels of delegation for all leaders
Motivation & Leadership - How and when? How good are you as a motivating leader?

Day 4

The Seven Pillars of Team Building - How to build the team & the seven pillars of success Belbin Roles - Theory and application on the nine roles discharged in your team, with assessment tools 
The Team Performance Model - Seven stages through which your team will go & how do you, as a leader, track it and assess it 
Team Leadership Effectiveness - Twelve dimensions for you to be aware of, as a leader, with an effective & powerful assessment tool 
The Shared Mental Model Concept for Teams -The "Story of Daring to Lose to Win" , & how to identify & groom the "Cultural Architects" of your team

Day 5

Leadership Today - The four theories with application, & the Harvard model for your learning and growth. 
Conducting Effective Meetings - The 4 Ps of conducting meetings, for leaders & managersRecognizing and Rewarding - The three golden rules of appreciation of the team, with some related reflections

Day 6

Stress Management Techniques- Assessment tools & open discussions around  how to dissipate stress,  in  yourself  and in your team members, as a leader.
Time Management - The twelve important categories with assessment tools, for tasks completion within time allocated, for leaders and their teams

Day 7

Leaders  as Change Agents - The three change preference styles  of subordinates, & how to cope with it  & manage it as a leader, while communicating change                    
Problem Solving Techniques - 
From problem formulation, to analysis, to decision making, to risk management, down to planning for implementation and transiting to solutions.