Kamal Naaman (Managing Director)

Kamal Naaman

Kamal is a trilingual management consultant and co-active coach with many years of experience in training and management development.  He has worked with in industries such as oil and gas, media, banking, automotive, FMCG, fashion retail, manufacturing, travel retail, sports retail, distribution, airline, express transportation, media, construction, food processing, cosmetics, capital markets authorities, IT, Telecommunication and the government sector since 1996.

He founded Corner-stone training solutions in 2005 after working for so many years with two training giants in the region namely Meirc and Mercuri international.  Kamal is familiar with both company's methodology and training programs and had experienced it first hand in 1992 as a trainee and since 1996 as a trainer.

A native of Lebanon, a qualified engineer and a pilot, a certified NLP practitioner, time line therapist, hypnotherapist and co-active coach, Kamal enjoys a great deal of hands-on experience particularly in the field of interpersonal skills, personal development, selling skills, customer service, emotional intelligence, leadership, change management, co-active coaching, identification of training needs, train the trainer, team building programs and many more..

Kamal had also played a significant role in the following areas: Operations Management and Training, Quality Assurance, Administration, Sales and Business Development on a local as well as on a regional level.

He has held executive challenging responsibilities in a number of different posts in the UAE since 1991 with multinational organizations like Carrier, 3M Gulf, Meirc, Federal Express and Mercuri International.

Kamal's first exposure to training started with 3M Gulf where he was the automotive after-market technical and sales trainer responsible for the Saudi Arabian Market.  He then successfully took on a role in management and administration with Meirc Training and Consulting, then a Regional Training and Development role with FedEx for the Middle East and Europe.  Kamal’s next international move was with Mercuri international, as a management consultant and heading “Shell Africa Training Project” covering 5 French speaking North African countries.  During those assignments Kamal trained in over 15 European and North African countries using three languages (English, Arabic and French).  Kamal then embarked on several freelancing assignments, whereby he worked on designing and delivering various public and in-house programs for government institutions as well as private organizations.

Kamal believes a great deal in Quality and Team work and brings into the training room a pleasant personality that bonds easily with various participants from different cultures and backgrounds.

He believes in results through people, who represent the first and last asset of any successful organization.