Minas Hans Kehian (Associate Training Partner)

Minas is an Associate Training Partner with Cornerstone training solutions and a senior trainer & consultant in strategic management, HR, Team Building and other & soft skills trainings. Minas possesses also a solid teaching experience at various universities in Lebanon as a professor in the fields of strategic planning, management, leadership, building effective teams, safety, marketing, human resources & administrative skills.

A native of Lebanon, a doctorate candidate and an MBA graduate focused on International business,  Minas enjoys a great deal of hands-on experience on top of what was mentioned above, particularly in the fields of, interpersonal skills, personal development, selling skills, customer service, emotional intelligence, leadership, change management, creative thinking, problem solving, TNA, managerial & supervisory skills, stress & time management, train the trainer and team building programs.

Minas's first exposure to training started with Alico where he was the sales & customer service trainer responsible for the Lebanese Market.  He then successfully took on a role in management and administration with 3ASolutions Training and Consulting. Minas then embarked on several freelancing assignments, whereby he worked on designing and delivering various public and in-house programs for government institutions as well as private organizations.

Minas has conducted several consultancy roles assisting companies in the Middle East (GCC), Caucasia & West Africa and gained a wide experience throughout this endeavor, in various business areas and service sectors.

On top of his training and consultancy roles, Minas is currently a professor at the Lebanese Canadian University in Lebanon teaching "Business Strategy", "SME Management", "International Business" (MBA), Global Marketing (MBA),"Developing Marketing Strategies" (MBA), "SHRM" (MBA), "Business Communication", "Measuring HR".

Over 12 years of diverse experience in various industries made Minas accountable for leading, directing and managing the Learning & Development operation for many clients' sites, ensuring consistent high level service quality and customer satisfaction. He is a senior executive and  a team leader who mainly believes in Human Capital, the common denominator of various business sectors.

He has conducted several senior level trainings and seminars in  a number of different GCC countries since 2001, with multinational organizations like Orange Telecom, BSF, Gasco, Al Jeel, QUALEB, NDC, Vivacell, ECSSR مركز الإمارات للدراسات والبحوث الاستراتيجية), AIM  group and Mobily.

He believes in results through dynamic teams who represent the first and last asset of any successful organization.