Najib Abi-Abdallah (Associate Training Partner)

Najib is Senior Telecommunication professional with 20+ years global experience in multinational companies. Having lived and worked in Finland, UK, Germany, USA and the UAE and executed large scale projects spanning from the Americas to Asia. He speaks Six languages, possesses a wealth of cultural understanding, combines Technical with Commercial capabilities and has years of training experience and project works with telecommunication providers.

A native of Lebanon, a qualified engineer, a patent holder and author of many mobile phone product design guidelines &  processes, Najib’s hands on expertise spans across the disciplines of Product Development, Project Management, Quality, Operational Performance, Customer Care, Competence Development and Training. In addition, Najib has extensive experience in Team Leadership, Vendor Management and Strategy definition and execution.

Najib’s career started with Nokia as a product Design Engineer and Product Development Team Leader working on many Nokia iconic products such as the First GSM hand-portable Nokia Phone, the First phone with a sliding mechanism ‘Nokia Banana’ and phones designed specifically to meet the most stringent quality requirements of automakers such as Volvo, Opel, BMW and Mercedes.

After 10+ years in product design, Najib continued his career with Nokia as a technical expert with the main focus to ensure that the Nokia products designed and produced around the globe meet the world-famous Nokia Quality requirements. Najib authored numerous processes and guidelines in that field and delivered hundreds of training sessions to engineers and managers alike. Also, Najib acted as an auditor for design projects and lead various cost reduction and Six Sigma quality initiatives to reduce cost and improve quality across various products.

Najib held various positions in Quality and Customer Service. He lead a the Global Consumer and Market Feedback Team for Nokia, developed and rolled out Customer Care Strategies  and set up Customer service networks in more than 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Najib has considerable experience with Mobile Operators at a global level. Najib drove the development of Quality Scorecards for the mega operators such as ATT and T.Mobile in the USA and was the main interface with the product development and business teams to resolve operator concerns in the fastest possible timeframes. Najib continued his role in Europe where he lead the Operator Quality team implementing quality improvement projects with and Orange, T-Mobile and Telefonica in Europe. In the Middle East, Najib lead projects with Etisalat UAE to provide a Best In Class service solution for iphone and Blackberry services covering all aspects of the business from Value proposition, Agreements, Vendor Management, Process development, Tools and CRM systems, Customer facing interface, Back End Technical repair, Logistics, Reporting, Training and Performance Improvement. This lead to substantial cost savings andimprovement in quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Najib is an advocate of quality, professionalism, and respect for the individual. He is a strong believer in transparent and open collaboration to reach a Win – Win outcome.