Raed Halaseh (Associate Training Partner)

Raed Halaseh

Raed is an Associate Training Partner with Corner-stone training solutions, a civil engineer, a licensed professional, and a certified occupational safety and health management consultant.

He has been conducting occupational health and safety training since 2006. Raed has also worked as a safety consultant for the Palestine Telecommunication Group (Paltel) and the Jordan Telecommunication Group (Orange).

As part of his consultancy exposure, Raed has conducted several field safety evaluations, and has upgraded several field safety equipment, practices and procedures, according to OSHA regulations, with a variety of institutions around the region.

Moreover, and as part of his recent training experience, Raed has trained communications’ technicians, on the latest today methods of fall protection and usage of equipment, necessary to provide safe and adequate procedures while installing, operating, maintaining, rearranging and removing conductors and other equipment. This was especially important when used in communication services, and their supporting structures, overhead or underground.

Raed has also conducted safety management training for supervisors and managers, related to identifying hazards in the workplace, and how to correct them, before they could cause injury or illness.

Along the same lines, Raed was very instrumental in conducting hazards analysis for a number of factories, wrote safe work procedures, evaluated and setup safety management systems, and trained safety committees on several safety standards topics. He has also worked with various companies, on establishing an emergency action plan, to meet specific needs, and was an active, sound and reliable member, in various accidents’ investigation committees.

In the field of engineering consultancy, Raed’s has a long experience, as senior consultant for several engineering and construction

Companies, on fall protection, and has written a number of fall protection plans, and trained engineers and workers on safe work practices.

Raed is considered a distinguished and unique trainer, when it comes to training and lecturing on subjects like: Train the Safety Trainer; Safety and the Supervisor; Job Hazard Analysis; Hazard Analysis and Control; Accident Investigation; PPE program; Lockout-Tag out procedures; Confined Space program; Fall Protection in construction; Ergonomic; and Tower Climbing.

As far as his overseas experience is concerned for the period between 2001 and 2006, he had worked with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as a senior engineering and environmental manager, where he was in charge of the environmental issues related to projects implemented in the area.

He has conducted a number of environmental impact assessments and trained USAID contractors, on how to implement projects in accordance with USAID environmental policy.

Raed is fluent in Arabic and English, and has the ability to communicate, design and lecture in both languages.