Samir Makarem (Associate Training Partner)

Samir is an Associate Training Partner with Cornerstone training solutions. His eighteen years of experience in consultancy, coaching, training, and teaching are evident in the various positions, assignments and projects he has been involved with, both in the USA and the UAE.
Samir is a people and team oriented person.  A master soft-skills trainer working with various industries, Samir has had an extensive experience delivering a series of modules and workshops in various disciplines such as communication, customer service, team building as well as time management and emotional intelligence. His clients were government, automotive, financial, telecommunication, education, and legal industries stake holders.   
Back in the USA, as a college/program coordinator for the largest private academic institution in the state of Michigan, Samir was in charge of all the educational and training programs offered at nine major automotive plants, health as well as defense corporations.
In 2010-2011, as a training manager, Samir led the training initiative on a 13-month multifaceted BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) project taking place at both the Al Ain Municipality (Government of Abu Dhabi-Department of Municipal Affairs).  The modules and sessions, designed around improving work efficiency and effectiveness, had a tangible positive impact on the people he trained, stressing on the importance of becoming more efficient, effective and productive at work. His ability to get across complex and often difficult messages in Arabic and English was a major asset to the program and a major success to its delivery.  
Born to an American mother and a Lebanese father has given Samir the privilege of having been exposed to both western and middle-eastern cultures extensively and consequently being fluent in both languages; English and Arabic.
Some of Samir's strongest areas are his coordination, communication, and presentation skills. He works very effectively with people capitalizing on their strengths, and he is able to create an environment where people feel valued so they are motivated to give their best.
Samir holds a Masters Degree in monetary economics from Wayne state university (Detroit, Michigan) and a Bachelor Degree in economics from the University of Michigan, USA.  Moreover, Samir has over a year and a half experience in post-graduate training from Wayne State University as well.  
In addition to his consultancy and training careers, Samir has kept up with his other passion, teaching economics. Samir currently teaches online for two academic institutions in the US.  
Finally, in a world where nothing is constant but change, the dare is to keep up with this change and keep an open mind ready for all challenges ahead.  For Samir, gaining this competitive edge is his goal, simply because he believes in peoples' potentials. His advice is "Never underestimate your own, nor your employees' potentials." Samir's mission is to "Empower People" through honing their professional skills.