Wajdi H. Na'man, Ph.D. (Associate Training Partner)

Dr. Wajdi Na'man is an associate training partner with Cornerstone training solutions.  A native of Lebanon, he is an Academician, Professional Management Consultant and Trainer. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree (BBA) and Master's Degree (MBA) from the AmericanUniversity of Beirut, and his Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) in Business Administration, in 1986, fromColumbia Pacific University, California, USA.


Dr. Na'man has a diversified work experience. He occupied different business positions in various fields namely, contracting, insurance and the airline, ending with becoming Vice President (Human Resources) of Middle East Airlines, Beirut, Lebanon. His business experience included Research and Seminars inLebanon, the Arab Countries, Europe and the USA. He executed quite a number of Studies and Projects related to Organization and Methods, Work Procedures and Systems, Conditions of Service, Staff Regulations and Schemes, Restructuring and Reengineering, in Lebanon and the Arab World.


In the Academic field, Dr. Na'man academic experience involved being a Lecturer in the fields of Management and Human Resources, Marketing and Sales at the School of Business of the LebaneseInternational University in Beirut, Lebanon. He later moved to the Lebanese International University where he is now occupying the position of Dean of the School of Business. 


In the field of Management Consultancy and Training, Dr. Na'man has been associated with quite a number of leading Training and Consultancy firms operating in the Arab World before joining Corner -stone training solutions where he now occupies the position of Senior Associate Training Partner.


On the Training side, Dr. Na'man has vast training experience in the fields of Human Resources Development, Marketing and Sales, Corporate Policies and Regulations, Leadership and Team Building, Delegation and Motivation, Customer Service and Business Etiquette, Management of Change and Conflicts, Strategic Planning, Total Quality Management, Business Negotiation and Presentation, Creativity and Innovation, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Communication and Time Management, Restructuring and Reengineering, etc.


On the Professional Management Consultancy side, Dr. Na'man also has vast experience in the fields of Recruitment and Selection, Compensation and Benefits, Conditions of Service and Welfare Schemes, Payscales and Expatriation Packages, Rules and Regulations, Human Resources Policies and Work Procedures, Social Security, Benefits and Privileges Schemes, Job Description, Evaluation and Classification, Problem Analysis and Efficiency Improvement, Restructuring and Reengineering etc.


Dr. Na'man is a member of the  "American Management Association", the "Lebanese Management Association", and the "Alumni Association" of the American University of Beirut". He is also an Associate Member of the "Airlines Personnel Directors Conference"- the International Association of the Human Resources Directors of the major International Airlines in the world, based in London.


Dr. Na'man is a true advocate of Industrial Democracy, which involves employee participation in management, team work, training and Human Resource Development.