Submarine Sales Solution


The submarine solution selling model specifically addresses too, the following areas in Advanced Solution Selling (Level Two), when managing sales as a whole, from a bird’s eye perspective (sales supervisors and above). If we keep implementing the same methods in sales, we will probably achieve the same results with slight improvements, but we will not be able to increase our effectiveness and make significant leaps or dramatic impressive changes, in the results. We will have no legacy what so ever! No wonder today , if our process of gaining customers and increasing their profitability to our company, is very sluggish and outdated too. It is of paramount importance to see things from a different perspective.This will change the way we deal with certain issues and activities related to selling. No doubt,  this will help us achieve better results, that are noticeable and specific.

Our Five day Advanced Solution Selling Program, presents you with the opportunity of learning how to manage the  big picture of strategic selling, from A to Z. Here is how we do it

  • Introduce the topic and set program goals
  • Discuss with your team strategic and complex selling compared to basic selling
  • Demonstrate why we label selling sometimes, as a frustrating and boring profession
  • Engage  your team with results, activities, & the quality, time and direction dimensions, affecting the bottom lines at your organization. Also we discuss the importance of responsible behavior (C>E)
  • Review the steps of Basic Solution Selling
  • Explain in details the Sales Solution Submarine and its four divisions, and reflect on how does each compartment apply to your team, from: Getting customer leads (suspects)- To getting hold of potential customers (prospects) –To conducting on going discussions –To managing a portfolio of existing customers
  • Build sales objectives - Demonstrate the several criteria used, to design consistently achievable and successful objectives: S.M.A.R.T
  • Show how to take appointments over the phone for effective sales visits - What to say, how to say it & to whom?
  • Demonstrate several planning tools - Retrospective planning and the ratio methods to track our selling progress.
  • Explain and discuss strategic approaches in complex sales procedures - Importance of strategy and tactics
  • Demonstrate how to manage tactics pertaining to the five strategic levels of  Key Account Management
    • Discovering dissatisfaction, with related examples to your organization
    • Understanding customers’ buying values, with related examples to your organization
    • Helping customers dissipate anxiety & make sound decisions, with related examples to your organization
    • Delivering the contract and getting further referrals & recommendations, with related examples to your organization
  • Explain how to manage decision makers - The three buying roles and four buying modes of customers, with applied live examples
  • Observe and coach on how to successfully conduct sales negotiations - The four colors of negotiators & how to best approach them.

Addressed Competencies

The Main Acquired Competencies (Knowledge, Skill and Behavior) in the Above Advanced Solution Selling Model are:

  • Knowledge of the submarine concept and the existence of leads, prospects and current clients
  • Knoweldge of own market
  • Knowledge of own customers and segments
  • Knowledge of own core product lines
  • Knowledge & skills of applying strategic selling, key accout management, tactics and complex selling
  • Knowledge  & skills of dealing with deadlocks, concessions and tactics  concepts, in negotiations
  • Knowledge & skill of using measures to assess, maintain and manage relationships with current customers
  • Knowledge & skill of determining buying roles and buying modes, and stratifications of clients types.
  • Knowledge & skill of conflict management .
  • Knowledge, skills and behaviors of how to elicit values and dissipate the anxiety of others
  • Knowledge & skills of managing decision makers, & mastering the behavior needed to groom them for the sale agreement.
  • Knowledge & skills of working in teams effectively
  • Knowledge & skills of presenting effectively and confidently, in front of peers and team members
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