Submarine Sales Solution


Reading many books on selling, delivers many confusing, but similar messages at the core, about the basics of selling that we all probably know, yet, fail to put into practice.Take a look at Joe Girard and his concept of referrals in selling, Elmer Wheeler and his concept of linguistics in selling, Dale Caregy who talks about the importance of relationships which bring in trust.Not to forget the selling processed steps of John Henry Patterson and NCR, as well as the prospect and sales person’s systems in a selling dance, of the Sandler Selling Institutes. What do they all echo, what do they all say?

Our Five day Basic Solution Selling Program, opens your eyes to selling from A to Z.
Here is our approach to training your team, on moving up the ladder of a face to face sales visit

  • Expose your team to the story of selling giants: Exposure to theories dating from the 1880s.
  • Demonstrate how to take appointments over the phone & getting through gate keepers-Discussing various “what if” scenarios
  • Address the first impressions & how to convey them- From grooming & etiquette, as well as product knowledge, to rapport building and communication techniques
  • Explain how to spell out the purpose statement for the sales meeting-Setting the agenda & taking control of the interview, with practice role plays.
  • Demonstrate how to discover needs- All what your team need to know about, questioning techniques and how to practice it.
  • Practice presenting solutions related to needs- With focus on product features, applications and benefits, the value proposition, the 4 MAT system, the internal representations, and the buying strategies of prospect clients
  • Handle objections satisfactorily through following a six-step approach
  • Demonstrate how to enter the negotiation phase-Planning for it, dealing with concessions & deadlocks and managing tactics, as well as understanding and influencing customers’ psychology
  • Explain how to motivate customers to buy-Utilizing their most important buying value, as a starting point, the different closing approaches, and the decision making strategy.
  • Engage your team in related practice and self assessments of the learned skills- Role plays related to your team’s experience and line of expertise, will be customized to enhance the workshop learning, and create the shift in behaviour, in the training room itself.



Addressed Competencies

The Main Acquired Competencies (Knowledge, Skill and Behavior) in the Above Solution Model are :

  • Knowledge of selling as a science and as an art
  • Knowledge of own core product line and value propositions
  • Knowledge of own clients and their organization
  • Knowledge of own market and segments
  • Knowledge of yourself as a sales consultant & the temperaments of your clients
  • Knowledge & skill of articulating your speech over the phone
  • Knowledge, & skill of dealing with gate keepers and difficult people
  • Knowledge, & skills of conveying trust, conviction and confidence over the phone
  • Knowledge, skill & behavior of saying the right things at the right time & being tactful and well poised
  • Knowledge, skill & behavior of utilizing with mastery all your voice elements properly & tactfully
  • Knowledge, skills & behaviors  of mastering body language
  • Knowledge, skills & behaviors of building rapport through physiology & calibrating on others’ physiology
  • Knowledge, skill & behavior of being assertive (in words, in voice and body gestures)
  • Knowledge, & skill of showing and assuming control and assertiveness
  • Knowledge  & skill of asking questions
  • Knowledge, skills & behaviors of analyzing physiology and matching it , as well as strategies, and how to use them meticulously
  • Knowledge & skills of  planning, and knowledge, skills & behaviors of dealing with concessions, tactics, deadlocks and influencing psychology and decisions
  • Knowledge, skill and behavior of dealing with complaints and  objections
  • Knowledge & skill of motivating others and the knowledge, skill & behavior of enlisting their highest buying value
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