Governance and Risk Management

Our training programs are carefully tailored to guide you through any topic of concern that you wish to elaborate on. Why don’t you expand your knowledge in Governance and Risk Management, from basic to pro?

Basics of Auditing

This workshop aims at ensuring that every auditor knows enough in depth information, in order to remain a professional executive in his field. Whether the auditor is performing an audit engagement for the first or the 100th time, attending this workshop will ensure that the auditor performing the engagement is always on the right track, working flawlessly through the challenges he faces. The benefits of this program may range from acquiring new knowledge to consolidating past knowledge and experience. All auditors, at one point in time, need to pause and make sure they grasp the principles of their profession, to remain objective and honest in their approach to practicing their career.

We Live To Train

The following is a list of our training programs by category: