Problem Solving and Analytical Skills

Problem Solving and Analytical Skills




More than ever before it's becoming everyone’s job to effectively solve problems. Problem solving and decision making skills are thinking skills that involve seeing problems from different angles and coming up with innovative solutions while saving money for the company.


This seminar introduces you to breakthrough thinking processes so that you can successfully analyze and solve a wide variety of business problems. Develop these essential problem-solving and decision making skills now to give yourself an unlimited brain power to solve your work and life problems with confidence and resilience!



This PSDM course uses a variety of interactive training methods such as role playing, videos, team exercises, individual exercises, case studies, group discussions and questionnaires.


Program Objectives:

Understand the problem solving process

Conduct proper diagnosis of causes of problems

Use problem solving models

Effectively decide after looking at various options

Use creativity in generating multiple ideas

Apply the techniques of problem solving at work and life


Target audience:

Any person who wants to develop their skills to face and solve today’s complex business problems by using a breakthrough process for reasoning and problem solving.

Target Competencies

  • Initiative
  • Creativity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Determination
  • Results-Oriented


Course outline

Problem solving and decision making

  • Definitions and tools: an overview
  • Traditional problem solving
  • The importance of proper problem understanding
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Choice making


 Problem Solving Models

  • Techniques of recognizing problems
  • Information analysis
  • Difference between causes and symptoms
  • Questions for proper diagnosis of problems and their causes


Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking Techniques

  • Root cause analysis and the 'why' question
  • Cause and effect diagram
  • Problem solving simulation
  • How do you apply mistake proofing to the cause chain
  • Agile critical thinking and The RED model


Effective Decision Making

  • Choice making and The How-How method
  • Decision analysis
  • Quality vs acceptance and Consensus decision making
  • Drucker and The decision making process


Problem Solving and Creativity

  • Questionnaire
  • Definitions of creativity and Lateral thinking
  • What blocks creativity?
  • Brain analysis
  • Tools to get the creative juice going
  • Edward Debono techniques


Action Plan

  • Participants real problems at work and ways to solve them
  • Performance problems, behavior problems, team problems, peers problems, boss and personal problems



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