Communication and Self Development

Whatever your position might be in business or in life, effective communication skills are needed to grow & build your future. Equip yourself with the right skills to achieve healthier communication & better relationships.

Stress Management

Stress is a perfectly OK response to a challenge or threat, releasing a variety of hormonal secretions within the body which instantly put you on the alert and enable you to face the occasion and take appropriate action. It is only when stress becomes prolonged, and those hormones continue to invade your body, that it becomes dangerous to your health.
At the level of maximum stress like crisis at work, looming deadlines, kids at home, relationships at risk, etc, finding the time to kick back and relax can just add more to the pressure already existing. The truth is that no one can be so busy not to find ten or fifteen minutes for them to relax and unwind. The busier you are the greater is your need to switch off, recharge and rejuvenate. This course is all about understanding stress, surviving it, understanding the connection between the mind and the body, the ten minutes stress busters, de-stressing at your desk, the daily routines, taking time out, the ten minutes cures, quick fixes and winding down gently plus many other tips that are deemed helpful and invaluable for you to combat and conquer stress.
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