Human Resources Management

Capturing & growing talent is essential in today’s highly competitive markets. Constantly training employees & filling the needs’ gap is crucial to prosper as an HR business partner in any organization. Take the next step & enlist new tools that suit each HR individual at your organization.

Introduction to Human Resources Management

Human resources functions may be the most misunderstood of all corporate functions and it's also the most necessary. Those who work in this department are not only responsible for hiring and firing, but also handle job reference contacts, compensation and benefits, career development, training, performance appraisal and succession planning. They also handle other administrative functions too. Since individuals who work in Human Resources must deal with people all the time, everybody agrees that they should be "People Persons" and they must display a pleasant and positive behaviours at all times. In this program you will learn about the basic functions of Human Resources such as definitions and objections of HRM, main functions of Human Resources, competencies, recruitment and selections, training and development and performance management.

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